According to color psychology, orange is a cheerful color, which can also be related to optimism, energy and creativity. This enthusiastic color makes animals in orange stand out, therefore the orange birds are welcomed all around the world. What is more, in some cultures, orange birds have corresponding symbolic meanings. For instance, Native American tribes, like the Cherokee, consider encountering orange birds as a propitious sign. In this article, let us explore the fascinating world of orange birds!

Baltimore Oriole

As one of the most well-known orange bird, this black and orange bird is the state bird of Maryland. Their songs are flute-like whistles, sounds very crisp and clear. The Baltimore Oriole (Icterus galbula) is Northern Oriole's sub-species, the other one is the Bullock's Oriole. The name "Baltimore" was given by George Calvert, Lord Baltimore. George Calvert was the first person who prompted the idea of colonizing America, in order to make Catholics and Protestants prosper together.

Baltimore Orioles are sweet-teeth, so compare with traditional seed bird feeders, they are more likely to be attracted by nectar feeders —— the bigger is the better. They will be satisfied by sugar water just like humming birds, but they are willing to give a change to treat like grape, apple, raspberry and some jelly as well.

Blackburnian Warbler

The Blackburnian Warbler (Setophaga fusca) has no outstanding sexual distinction for their looks. They have feathers of three colors: black, white and orange. The vivid orange color covers their forehead, face and throat, and the breasts are off white. In their crown, cheeks, back tail, and wings, there are large white patches. The only difference is the color of female Blackburnian Warblers is more yellowish, also the juveniles'. Besides their beauty, the other reason why these birds are so impressive is the rareness. For most cases, bird lovers can only watch them in the morning at their chilling north-woods habitat. They have a really high voice. The calls always start high and continue to be higher and higher, so their songs are easily recognizable.

The nests of Blackburnian Warbler are always built really high in the crown of coniferous-type forests. For birdwatching trips, it takes more patience to wait for them to move out downwardly. Blackburnian Warblers feed on insects. They are excellent hunters. Sometimes they can catch insects on leaves or even in the middle of air.

It can be challenging to attract these beautiful black and orange birds to your backyard, enough trees is a basic. Even they come to visit you on their migration journey during the summer, they are still not easy to find among the tree canopy. And they are so careful, so usually they won't stop by any kinds of seed feeder at all. If you are still eager to try due to their stunning looks, you should try supplies like mealworms and suet. Since they are diverse dieters, you can also prepare a variety of fruits like berries and oranges. However, the good news is they can be seduced by bath place or water dripper. It is worth to try for preparing more water feathers in your yard if you are an ambitious bird lover who want to attract Blackburnian Warbler to your yard!

American Redstart

Compared with orange birds, it seems more suitable to describe American Redstart as black birds with orange. However, the orange parts of them are so vivid, produce a strong contrast with the other black feathers. Such unique contrasts in conjunction with their flight skills help them attract the attention of insects and hunt by interfering with judgment. American Redstarts can be found in most parts of North America, and they are very curious and naughty. When you enter their woods habitus, they might follow you and sing out loud. American Redstart have very sweet voices and are always generously displayed.

For people who want to watch them closely in backyards, it is notable to remember they will be attracted by specific kinds of plants. For example, it would be good idea to plant serviceberry, magnolia and barberry. Additionally, offering suet in Birdfy Bird Feeders will also help.

Northern Red Bishop

Due to their orange feathers, the Northern Red Bishop used to be called Orange Bishop (Euplectes franciscanus). Northern Red Bishop are actually exotic birds that have been imported from northern Africa. However, the other members of the weaver family can be found in Miami, Houston, Phoenix and Los Angeles. There are sexually differences of them. The male Northern Red Bishops have reddish orange bodies, and the other parts of bodies are black and brown. But the females are light brown overall and have sparrow-like looks. Besides, they sound like sparrows as well, and the calls are often soft single notes.

Black-headed Grosbeak

Black-headed Grosbeak are good singer with sweet voice, and they also prefer nest on the treetops like many other orange birds we introduced above. The males have yellowish orange feathers all over the body. Compared with the males, the females are less flamboyant, but they share all the time consuming domestic together: both of the Black-headed Grosbeak partners would sit on the eggs and feed the young. And they will defend their nesting territory together!

Black-headed Grosbeaks can be fed on sunflower seeds, they would open the seeds with their powerful bills. Moreover, they can also be attracted by nectar on bird feeders. For people who want them in the backyard, it is also good to set enough water sources in the gardens. These little travelers migrate in late spring and early fall, and pay attention to the migration time and trails will be effective for bird lovers who want to watch them closely.
June 21, 2024 — Leah Lin

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