In the bird world, there's something special about black and white feathers. Whether it's the bold look of a Bald Eagle or the detailed patterns of a Carolina Chickadee, these birds grab our attention with their special appearance. Their simple colors create a beautiful picture that shows off nature's creativity, even in the smallest details. We have gathered some insights from bird enthusiasts on observing or photographing black and white birds. Join us in exploring the amazing world of black and white birds' world together!

Loggerhead shrike

Loggerhead shrike

Downy woodpecker

"Spotting the Downy Woodpecker clinging to the bark of the old maple tree and what a delightful visitor to our backyard! Its rhythmic tapping adds such a charming soundtrack to our mornings.' An elderly couple said after they watched the woodpecker expertly forage for insects hidden beneath the bark. "Nature has a way of bringing joy into even the simplest moments and we perfectly love such feeling," they added.

Northern mockingbird

Ashley Buckler shared, "Capturing this image during a summer trip to Florida, I used a telephoto lens to ensure minimal disturbance to such a beautiful Northern mockingbird. It was heartwarming to witness their graceful gesture, which potentially creating a memorable experience for us."

Carolina Chickadee


"Watching the Carolina Chickadee flit from branch to branch in the backyard. There's something so interesting about these little birds. They bring such joy and energy to the garden.' Carolina Chickadee is a small but charismatic songbird native to the southeastern United States. As Michael observed the chickadee's cheerful antics, he is so grateful for the simple pleasures that nature bestowed upon him.

Black Skimmer

"The Black Skimmer is a favorite among our family of bird enthusiasts. Whenever we spot one gliding gracefully over the water, we all stop and admire its unique appearance. Its striking black and white feathers and distinctive red bill make it stand out against the backdrop of the sea. We love watching its skillful fishing technique as it skims the surface of the water with its lower bill. It's always a special moment when we see a Black Skimmer during our birdwatching outings, and it brings us closer together as a family." A bird loving family shared their watching feeling about Black skimmer.

Blackpoll Warbler

During a school-organized autumn outing, Bella caught sight of a Blackpoll Warbler, which immediately embarked her interest in it. "I saw a Blackpoll Warbler during our field trip today! It was amazing! The white belly and black head were so cool! I kept wondering where it came from, maybe it was on a journey! Watching it hop around in the trees was like watching a little superhero! And its chirping was so beautiful, like listening to a catchy song! Every time we have trips like this, I feel so lucky to see such beautiful birds in nature, it's awesome!"

Black phoebe

Jone is a professional photographer. Here are his insights on capturing the Black Phoebe. "Seeing a Black Phoebe always fills me with a sense of calm and peace. Its sleek black feathers and perky tail make it such a charming little bird. When it perches on a branch and bobs its tail up and down, it's like it's saying hello. Its melodious "phoebe" call is so soothing, like a gentle melody in the air. Every time I catch a glimpse of a Black Phoebe, it feels like a moment of tranquility in the midst of a busy day."

Black-Necked Stilt

"Lisa Welch shared, 'This elegant Black-Necked Stilt, along with a few of its family members, has been regular visitors to our backyard throughout the summer. It's been a pleasure observing and capturing photographs of these striking black and white birds."


"Spotting the majestic Magpie perched atop a fence post while hiking near Frantz Lake in Salida, Colorado, during a nature exploration, Alex shared, 'Encountering this striking bird amidst the tranquil spring landscape was a memorable experience. The iridescent sheen of its feathers shimmered in the morning sunlight, creating a captivating sight.' Grateful for the opportunity to witness such beauty in the wild, Alex reflected on the serenity and wonder of nature's offerings."

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May 30, 2024 — Tong An

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