After years of hard work, retirement leads to role transitions and a whole new adventure for life. Retirees will have more time to get along with family members and also themselves.As every fresh start we have encountered, 'Be your own boss again' comes with a few uncertainty as well.

When the social roles that based determined by occupations fading, how can we locate and identify ourselves? In daily life, how can we keep put together without to-dos that are used to fill our timelines? The articles online would tell you to look into the our minds and also look out for mother nature. But turn back to practical considerations, when someone around you is getting retire, what gift can honer retirees' accomplishments at work and also help them adapt the new changes? Birdfy Bird feeder camera may be the answer.

A personalized retirement gift without occupation limits
Are you still busy searching for "retirement gift for police"? When looking for retirement gifts, we always hope the presents can celebrate retiree's hardwork, but we also do not want to make them feel like being trapped in sterotypes of their occupations. For instance, retiring teachers would receive normal bird feeders carrying the meaning of tending mind to tending garden. But if they need someone to encourage them to take care of themselves? Unlike traditional bird feeders, the Birdfy Feeder has a smart camera with built-in AI(sounds really cool huh?), it adds on techy fun for occupations with geeky vibes, and also allows users to sit on the coach and watch the birds live peacefully with a cup of coffee.

When you think about gift for retirement from military, it is even more vital to pick up something shows they deserve relaxation. The Veterans would face many possible adjustments when they try to go back to civilian life. Compared with simple deliveries like cookies and pins, a gift sophisticated enough like the Birdfy Feeder can convey more respect. By the same token, such a gift would be appropriate for firefighters too.

A thoughtful retirement gift favored by all genders
Trust me, ladies would receive tons of aroma candles when they retire, so stop just type "retirement gifts for women" on your search engine if you are looking for a thoughtful choice. The key to express thoughtful is preparing something match to their style. It easier when you picking retirement gifts for coworkers, since you can get know their preferences from the decorations in their tables and their outfits everyday. No matter what style they are into, there can be a right one for them on Birdfy.

Birdfy feeders with various designs can easily suit gardens of different styles. For retirement folks who are used to simple and neat vibes, the traditional Birdfy feeder is nice enough. And for the ladies who prefer elegant and chic, the Birdfy feeder bamboo would be a more thoughtful choice. This natural looking feeder will absolutely setting off the beauty of these visitors. Some technique products are complex to assemble, but the camera of Birdfy feeder bamboo can be effortlessly construct or detach. The best part is you do not have to put much effort into keeping it clean. There is only sense of satisfaction left since all cleaning processes are user-friendly.

Keep learning, but no barriers
Birdfy products have built-in AI, and for senior retirees, it can be a good start to understand new techs. Many retirees experience awkwardness and hardness when they try new tech-products, so they only do it when they have to. Even if they are actually open to new changes, they might feel embarrassed to consult new techniques with the grandchildren. There is no fancy but abstract concepts like other AI products, but all user-friendly settings on Birdfy app, which reveal a direct and vivid example of the application of artificial intelligence.

More than learning about tech, Birdfy Feeders offer learning opportunities for birds identification and knowledge about birds behavior. The robust database of Birdfy is capable to recognize over 6000 bird species all around the world. For retirees who want to dig more, they can find more information (like this  ) about birds in detail within the database. Besides, users can share cute moments and fun facts about birds in the online Birdfy community.

Self-care, but also care about nature
Bird watching with Birdfy Bird Feeders at home can benefit retirees by introducing fun and interesting interaction. And here's the kicker, enjoying bird moments through Birdfy Bird Feeders in backyards is a hobby that people can share with their family members and friends. The active feather visitors bring vivid colors and lovely sounds, and it can be instantly shared through Birdfy app. By adding devices at home, their children far away can share the highlight moments with the retirees. Therefore, it is very helpful for retirees who want to cultivate shared hobbies with their loved ones.

The ultimate goal for increasing communication is self-care, since the stronger social bonds are good for seniors physical and mental health. Returning to mother nature is another prevailing way for self-care that is applied by people nowadays. Not just for fresh air and exercise, it can be vital in alleviating negative feelings and anxiety to realize there are 'other worlds' other than our human society. Paying more attention to creatures living around us and not living for us, is a good way to enrich retirement lives. Having bird feeders in backyards or neighborhoods helps local bird populations recover by offering additional food and water. And the sustainability of the local bird population is helpful for the health and balance of the ecosystem around your home.

For retirees who look for more peaceful experiences, Birdfy Hum Feeders can be best presents. It only contains water, and most visitors will be humming birds. The unwelcomed animals will no be attracted as there are no seeds or other food. The water bottle is BPA-free with anti-UV and anti-mold properties, showing care for these little angels' health. What is more, Birdfy Hum Feeders have two cameras from different angles. You will not miss any beautiful moments of these adorable birds.

All in all, Birdfy Bird Feeders can be unique and thoughtful retirement gifts for all the retirees —— for the new start of a life course, it is great to receive something that can lead to new possibilities. This gift not only corresponds the recipient's style and hobbies, but also shows how the giver cares and the environmentally friendly attitudes.
June 14, 2024 — Leah Lin

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