Imagine having the ability to see everything happening around your bird feeder when you’re not at home?

Quite often the best thing we can do for ourselves as humans is to disconnect from our busy lives and spend some time in nature. Bird feeding, which entails installing a bird feeder and a bird feeder cam to learn more about your feathered friends, is one way to do this. If you enjoy watching birds, you understand the value of having a good bird feeder camera. It helps one capture great images and videos of birds which helps instill a love for birdlife.

And since there are lots of bird feeder cams in the market from different brands, here are some of the important factors that you need to consider when choosing a bird feeder cam that is right for you!

  • Budget

Your budget will guide you on the type of bird feeder camera to buy. To get the most value out of your money, start by listing all the features you want in the camera you are looking to purchase. The next step is to visit your trusted store to look at bird feeder cameras with the features you want and at what price they range. After looking out for these things you can be confident that you have the basics covered as far as getting a bird feeder camera is concerned.

  • Image and Video Resolution

There’s nothing worse than setting up your camera and not being able to clearly see what it has recorded. This is why you need to look out for the camera resolution of any bird feeder cam you want to buy. When capturing images and videos, you want the clearest resolution that you can get. If the camera resolution is below 1080 pixels then you are most likely not going to capture clear images and videos and this would defeat the whole purpose of getting a bird feeder camera. You want to be able to actually see and hear what the camera records.

  • Good Night Vision

There are a lot of things happening at night, and you want a good camera that will capture everything including moments you can see when asleep. A good bird feeder camera with good night vision will help you understand where to find that nectar and seed that disappeared overnight. If you set the camera to record all night, you will be able to exactly see what comes to your feeder for a free meal.

  • Battery Capacity

The battery capacity of your bird feeder camera is another important factor to consider before making a purchase. For still images, battery life is not much of an issue; however, it is an issue when you’re capturing videos because they tend to drain your battery faster. If you are planning to set up your bird feeder camera far away from any charging port or power bank, it is highly advised to get a camera with a high battery capacity. This will help keep the camera capturing beautiful images and videos without going off due to lack of power.

  • Motion Detection

If you want to capture every moment when birds are feeding then you want to buy a camera that detects motion. You want a camera that turns on when it’s supposed to and will only start recording when they sense movement. As a result, ensure that the motion detection range is suitable in respect to the positioning of your bird feeder camera and your feeder in order to capture all of the animals that will visit your feeder. It would be a great advantage if the camera also had good audio playback to capture sounds that animals will make when around the feeder.

  • Wi-Fi Enabled

Do you want to see real-time videos of your feeder on your smartphone? Then get yourself a bird feeder cam that is Wi-Fi enabled. The exciting promise of wireless communication between your camera and your phone is hard to resist. The good thing about Wi-Fi enabled bird feeder camera is that you can instantly transfer photos from the camera to your phone. This allows you to share photos with friends or family through social media. In addition, you can also use your smartphone to control your camera remotely for example adjusting your camera settings from your location.

  • Water-Proof and Ease of Mounting

Buy a bird feeder camera that’s waterproof and durable against harsh weather conditions. Obviously, if your camera is going to be outside, you want to ensure that it is waterproof and can withstand different weather conditions. Whilst most cameras and water don’t make a good combination, waterproof bird feeder cameras are perfect for capturing moments even when it’s raining heavily. It is important to also ensure that you buy a bird feeder camera that can be easily mounted without posing any problems in case you don’t have trees or other suitable structures nearby.

  • Durability and Warranty

Finally, you want to buy a camera that is high quality and is accompanied by a warranty to cover any manufacturing defects. When it comes to buying electronics, bad things will happen when you least expect them to, so, you need to be prepared for the worst. This means even going ahead to paying a little more to get a high-quality camera with great features and is durable. Ensure you buy your bird feeder camera at trusted shops like Netvue online store, where their bird feeder camera is of high quality and has a warranty of two years.

Final Thoughts

Getting a bird feeder with a camera is the next step in bird watching.

Using the Netvue Bird Feeder can is great fun and allows you to enjoy watching birds while capturing great footage for your family and friends. When you're not at home, this camera can record what's going on at your bird feeder, or you may watch it live from wherever you are!

Buy your next bird feeder camera from Netvue's online site today and get to experience a higher level of bird watching. Happy bird watching!

February 26, 2024 — Jerry woo

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