Birdfy, The Bridge Connecting Technology and Nature

If you take care of birds, you take care of most of the environment problems in the world. ”
– Dr. Thomas Lovejoy, the Godfather of Biodiversity

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Who We Are

Birdfy specializes in creating innovative smart bird products, utilizing cutting-edge camera technology to detect and identify birds, while notifying users and auto-recording cherished moments for them to share.

Guided by our slogan, 'Birds in sight, Love in mind,' Birdfy's core mission is to make bird-watching accessible and easy for everyone, celebrating the joy of connecting with nature.

Our range includes smart bird feeders, smart birdhouses, smart hummingbird feeders, bird poles, and an array of bird accessories.

How Birdfy Started?


Birdfy Story with Netvue

Birdfy emerges as a distinguished sub-brand of Netvue Technologies Co., Ltd. Before Birdfy' emergence, Netvue has been a pioneer focusing in the smart home appliance sector with over 20 years of expertise, offering a variety of indoor and outdoor cameras. 

At the core of the company, is a commitment to "connecting what you see with what you care about". In 2020, this vision expanded from fostering connections between people to linking up with nature.

Birds in Sight, Love in Mind

Interestingly, we've noticed a growing number of our outdoor camera users actively sharing stunning scenes of unexpected bird visitors on our social media and app community, using the hashtag 'Caught on Netvue.' This led us to consider, 'Why not create a camera exclusively for birdwatching?

We then start our journey to create smart birdwatching solutions with our first product - Birdfy Feeder. This product is designed not just to feed and attract birds but also to watch them closely. Moreover, it enables users to receive notifications and identify the birds they observe.

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Why Birdfy


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What Make Birdfy Special?

Birdfy Is Customer-Centric

Customers are at the heart of our decision-making. We take the time to understanding needs and challenges, then design products that truly bring value.

When it comes to birdwatching, we've noticed three distinct pain points:
(1) difficulty capturing birds' when they arrive;
(2) an inability to observe birds up close;
(3) challenges in accurately identifying bird species. 

Recognizing these requirements, we leverage our expertise in digital imaging and AI algorithms to develop HD cameras capable of automatically detecting, identifying, and capturing pivotal bird moments. Better yet, our customers can enjoy them anywhere, anytime.

Birdfy Represents What Birds Need

Birdfy users are not just human, but also the birds! All Birdfy series products are designed with the best care for our bird friends, ranging from our products design and structure. We use eco-friendly materials and anti-predator designs to offer birds a comfortable and safe feeding environment. 

Birdfy Speaks About Bird Life

Birdfy constantly seeks new ways to improve products. We aren't afraid to take risks or be different, either! Our dedication has yielded solutions that go beyond mere bird feeding.

We've expanded possibilities to encompass various stages of the bird lifecycle, including nesting and incubation. Furthermore, our efforts extend to a diverse range of accessories, all contributing to the cultivation of a vibrant backyard or garden.

Meet Our Expert Team

Gene Wen is a co-founder of Netvue and serves as the company's Chief Scientist. With his status as an IEEE fellow in multimedia communication and codecs, Professor Wen plays a visionary leadership role at the forefront of Netvue's innovation. He spearheads strategies for product advancement and possesses keen insights into the North American market. Gene's valuable input often aids in guiding Netvue's product reforms and brand strategies, propelling the company toward new heights of success.

Jiangtao Wen(Gene)

Chief Scientist

Stephen Moss serves as the Global Consultant for Netvue Birdfy. With a lifelong expertise in birds, he contributes to the improvement of Birdfy product designs and business development. As a renowned UK nature writer, broadcaster, and wildlife TV producer, Stephen Moss is also committed to sharing his profound knowledge and experience in the field of ornithology to help Netvue bring better products and services to the market.

Stephen Moss

Global Consultant

Alec Roseto is Netvue Birdfy's Global bird expert, he plays a key role in training AI for the identification of bird species, thereby improving bird database optimization and contributing to the advancement of Birdfy products and technology. Alec holds a degree in landscape architecture and restoration ecology from the University of Washington, which has provided him with valuable insights into bird conservation. In his spare time, he also loves birding and nature photography.

Alec Roseto

Global Bird Expert

Birdfy Milestone


Netvue Is Established

Netvue is founded with a mission to use AI technology to enhance home life and humanize modern technology.


Birdfy Feeder Project Commences

The journey of Birdfy began with the vision of creating the world's first AI smart bird feeder camera. This project reflects Netvue's unwavering commitment to innovation and its endeavour to bridge the connection between people and nature.


Birdfy Expands Global Reach

Birdfy made a significant stride by successfully launching the Birdfy Feeder on Kickstarter and IGG, taking a giant step toward realizing its ambitions. The product is then available for sale on both our official website and Amazon.


Netvue Becomes a Pro Seller on Walmart

Netvue earned the prestigious title of "Pro Seller" on Walmart, solidifying its reputation for delivering exceptional shopping experiences to customers.


Birdfy's Expansion Continues

Birdfy expanded its product line with the introduction of the Hummingbird Extension and Pro Perch Extension, enhancing the Birdfy Feeder series and adding value to its offerings.


Commencement of Sustainable Projects

Netvue continues to demonstrate relentless innovation, enhancing various aspects of life, from simplifying birdwatching to monitoring bird-hatching and nesting processes. The Birdfy Nest Project embarked on its journey, introducing the world's first Smart Birdhouse, the Birdfy Nest, and achieved remarkable success on its Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign.Simultaneously, Birdfy Feeder launched a bamboo version, reaffirming Birdfy's commitment to creating sustainable products that reflect its care for nature and wildlife.


 The Launch of Birdfy Hum Feeder Project

Birdfy remains unwavering in its pursuit of innovation and creates the world's first dual-camera hummingbird feeder, expected to be introduced in November, 2023