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Birdfy News - Experience the Magic of Birdfy Live Cams! 

Bird lovers, nature enthusiasts, educators, and conservation heroes, your wait is over! Get ready to embark on a captivating journey into the world of birds like never before. Introducing Birdfy Live Cams, where every flutter of wings, every chirp, and every heartwarming moment comes to life right before your eyes. 

What is Birdfy Live?

Birdfy Live is a program that allows Birdfy users to livestream the activities of birds on their feeders to a larger online community. Capture every moment and connect with fellow bird enthusiasts as you share the vibrant feathered visitors to your feeder.

With Birdfy Live, you'll enjoy:

24/7 Real-time Livestream of Bird Activity

High-quality 1080P Birdwatching Experience

Interaction and Connection with A Global Audience

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Your Use Case

Personal Use

Capture the beauty of your garden and share it with a global audience. Connect with fellow bird enthusiasts and dive into the fascinating world of birdwatching together.

Social Media Events

If you are a social media influencer, transform your backyard into a captivating spectacle for your online audience. Livestream to any group size on your preferred platforms, offering your followers an immersive experience in the marvels of nature.

Education and Research

Enhance educational experiences by setting up Birdfy Feeders at schools or institutions. Provide students with engaging live feeds of bird activities, fostering a deeper appreciation and understanding of the natural world.

Bird-related Events

Stream live visits to your Birdfy Feeder to elevate the allure of your birdwatching festivals and attract more visitors. Alternatively, stream feeders set up in nature parks to entice and captivate a wider audience.

Why Birdfy Live

Birdfy Live offers a simple and straightforward way for you to broadcast your birdwatching adventures to the public.

Reach a Wide Audience,
Spread the Wonder

With Birdfy's innovative service, you can now share the marvels of birdwatching with a vast audience, transcending the limitations of sharing pre-recorded videos.

Simplify the Process,
Amplify the Fun

Birdfy has upgraded the birdwatching experience by moving away from device sharing with a limited number of friends through the app. Now, you can enjoy direct access to livestreaming via your website and social media platforms.

With Birdfy Live, you can

Real-Time Bird Behavior Observation

Watch in awe as birds of all species gather at our feeders, sharing in the daily rituals of life – feeding, playing, and forging precious bonds.


Education and Research

Our live streaming service isn't just a window into nature; it's a classroom of discovery. Schools and researchers can utilize this incredible resource for hands-on learning and groundbreaking studies. Check out Birdfy & School for more information!

Conservation and Bird Events

Share the joy of exciting bird tours, festivals or other conservation events. Even if your viewers are sitting on a cozy sofa, they can still partake in the excitement by enjoying the fancy bird feeding stations and conservation spots.

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Audience Engagement

Immerse yourself and others in the enchanting world of birds by live streaming your bird feeding wonderland. Invite your family, friends, or a wider audience to join in the joy and interactive happiness. Together, embark on a journey as witnesses to the marvels of avian life.

🌎 Share Your World with the World! 🌎

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What Do Birdfy Live Testers Receive?

Testers will receive a FREE wired outdoor camera from the Birdfy team to use as their livestream source. They'll enjoy a FREE 1-week streaming trial, allowing them to stream at any time and for any duration they prefer, including the option for continuous 24/7 streaming.

*Birdfy Live program is exclusively available for Birdfy users.

Three Simple Steps to Begin Streaming The Marvels!

  • Sign up to become a tester.
  • Once selected, provide us with your preferred streaming website, and we will arrange the live streaming setup for you. (Please note that during the testing phase, we currently support YouTube streaming only).
  • Once you receive your device, begin your streaming adventure!

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Capture moments that will touch hearts, from your backyard to the rainforests of Costa Rica with the Wildlife Conservation Association. Immerse yourself in the extraordinary and accessible world of birds – it's a journey you'll treasure forever.

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Capture Heartwarming Moments, Whether in Your Backyard or the Enchanting Rainforests of Costa Rica. Immerse Yourself in the Extraordinary and Accessible World of Birds – It's a Journey You'll Treasure Forever.

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