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Birdfy supports any projects focused on avian welfare and conservation.

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What is Birdfy Fund?

The Birdfy Fund is an initiative aimed at supporting avian welfare and habitat preservation. It embodies Birdfy's commitment to giving back to the environment and bird protection.

Birdfy warmly welcomes individuals and organizations with a passion for bird conservation to submit their project ideas for support.

By applying to the Birdfy Fund program, you have chances getting support through Birdfy products, financial assistance, and collaborative efforts.



Collaborative Effort

Birdfy's Mission to Give Back


At Birdfy, we are driven by a vision to unite communities and advance bird conservation using our technological capabilities and financial resources.

'Bird in sight, Joy in mind' is not just our slogan but our belief: the joy found in birdwatching can inspire a deeper appreciation for nature and a commitment to its protection.

Recognizing many brilliant bird-related initiatives struggle due to lack of funds and resources, we established this program to support those who share our deep passion for avian welfare.

Birds, essential to nature's harmony, nowadays are facing critical challenges due to human actions. Habitat loss, climate change, pollution, and illegal activities threaten their existence, disrupting ecological balance.

By supporting bird-related projects that lack funds and resources, Birdfy is dedicated to giving back to the community, thereby fostering a more harmonious coexistence with nature and contributing to the global effort of avian conservation.

Who Do We Support ?

Avian Conservation Organizations

Organizations focusing on habitat restoration to maintain natural bird environments and establish rescue and rehabilitation centers for injured or orphaned birds and so on.

Bird Tours, Festivals, or Publications

All these formats foster engaging bird-related activities and content, encouraging greater awareness and appreciation of avian life.


Birdfy supports school activities that promote bird conservation, including student associations, field trips, and extra-curricular activities integrating wildlife conservation.

Nursing Homes and Senior Centers

Organizations dedicated to enhancing the healthcare environment for the elderly by introducing the joy of birdwatching into their life, creating a nurturing and engaging atmosphere.


NGOs involved in charitable fundraising, donations, or welfare activities. They aim to bring warmth to those in need and derive joy from birdwatching.

Avian Enthusiast Groups&Communities

Groups or individuals establishing bird-watching clubs, contributing to bird-friendly community initiatives, participating in social media campaigns, delivering community lectures, voicing support for bird-centric legislation and so on.


Universities, research institutions, or anyone focused on avian studies, ecological research, and habitat conservation.


Any individual or group not covered in the above categories but still committed to bird conservation and welfare. Whether your focus is on innovative approaches, community awareness, or any unique contribution toward avian life, Birdfy welcomes your participation.

Supported Examples

Holly Springs Elementary

Birdfy supports natural and bird-related learning projects at Boght Hills Elementary by donating bird feeder products. This initiative helps to enhance students' understanding and appreciation of nature and bird life.

Holly Springs Elementary.png__PID:b2dd816e-ecec-43c2-9118-30a9e3a6ff7b


Birdfy has been hugely impactful for us being able to educate and enthuse the public on bird conservation and creating spaces for wildlife in their own spaces. Through having the Birdfy feeder cam, nest box and the pole we are able to see throughout the day and night the wildlife that visits and share this with others, they in turn have been reporting their sightings to us and creating a buzz around what has been visiting even when it seems a little quiet. The work the team at Birdfy are doing especially with community projects and education will allow anyone to get involved and share the love for birds.


Tadorna Wildlife Hub

Birdfy has established a long-term partnership with the Tadorna Wildlife Hub, a bird conservation organization. We sponsor various Birdfy products for their nature reserves, supporting their bird tours and educational activities aimed at promoting bird conservation, experience, and inspiration.

Tadorna Wildlife Hub.png__PID:ecec43c2-d118-40a9-a3a6-ff7b35bda990

Birda APP

Birda, a birdwatching app, organizes various birdwatching challenges to encourage users to connect with nature. Birdfy supports two of these events by sponsoring product prizes, fostering an engaging birdwatching community.


Biggest Week in American Birding 2023

Birdfy contributed significantly as the 'Blackburnian Warbler Sponsors' of the Biggest Week in American Birding 2023, an influential offline birding event in the USA. Birdfy maintains a positive relationship with the event organizers, supporting their mission to connect people with birdwatching and bird conservation.


Involved Steps

- Reach out by clicking the 'Contact Us' or ‘Send Your Ideas’ button at the top or bottom of this page.
- Or email us directly at partner@birdfy.com.

Better include:
- Introduction to yourself or your organization.
- Description of your innovative idea.
- Support you are seeking from Birdfy.

After submitting your information, Birdfy will review it and then provide feedback on whether your project has been selected for support.

Join Our Feathered Friends in Flight! 

Birdfy invites you to share your innovative ideas and become a part of our passionate community dedicated to the preservation of birds!
Whether you're an individual with a creative project, a member of an organization, or simply someone who cares deeply about our feathered friends, join Birdfy and let's make a difference together!