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Birdfy dedicates $1 from each sale to set up Birdfy Fund, and has currently raised more than $200,000.
We are here to hear your dreams, and welcome you to join our donation initiatives.

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What is Birdfy Fund?

We allocate $1 from each sale of Birdfy products to establish Birdfy Fund,
which is dedicated to advocating for the well-being of birds and society
through various conservation and support initiatives.

To date, we are pleased to announce the achievements we have attained:


Dollars Reached

Give Back to Nature and Society


'Bird in Sight, Joy in Mind'
is not just our slogan, but our action.

The concept of the Birdfy Fund has been under consideration since the inception of the Birdfy brand. As a brand closely connected with nature and the avian world, we recognize our duty to advocate for the well-being of birds and society. We aim to contribute a portion of our sales to give back to nature and society. Allocating $1 from each sale allows us to meet our fundraising targets and take meaningful action.

With this aim and fund, we are able to put our mission into action by supporting bird conservation efforts to enhance public engagement and appreciation through bird-watching, and using this passion to drive charitable initiatives for those in need. We strive to combine the joy of bird observation with meaningful support for avian protection and societal benefits, embodying our commitment to environmental and social well-being.

We Offer Different Ways to Support Our Cause:

Birdfy Product



Who Do We Support ?

Avian Conservation Organizations

Organizations focusing on habitat restoration to maintain natural bird environments and establish rescue and rehabilitation centers for injured or orphaned birds and so on.

Bird Tours, Festivals, or Publications

All these formats foster engaging bird-related activities and content, encouraging greater awareness and appreciation of avian life.


Birdfy supports school activities that promote bird conservation, including student associations, field trips, and extra-curricular activities integrating wildlife conservation.

Nursing Homes and Senior Centers

Organizations dedicated to enhancing the healthcare environment for the elderly by introducing the joy of birdwatching into their life.


NGOs involved in charitable fundraising, donations, or welfare activities. 

Avian Enthusiast Groups&Communities

Groups or individuals establishing bird-watching clubs, contributing to bird-friendly community initiatives.


Universities, research institutions, or anyone focused on avian studies, ecological research, and habitat conservation.


Any individual or group not covered in the above categories but still committed to bird conservation and welfare. 

Success Stories

Birdfy Fund has been supporting over 30 applicants to pursue their charitable purposes and bird-related research and educational endeavors.

Bird-related Educational Programme:
Taylor's Elementary

Birdfy donated products to support Taylor's Elementary education programs. With Birdfy Feeders, students are happily involved in an interactive and enjoyable way of bird-watching. This innovation attracts even young children, turning bird observation into an engaging activity. 

Bird Festival:
Southwest Wing Festival

Together with SWAROVSKI OPTIK, Birdfy is proud to sponsor the Southwest Wings Festival, Arizona's oldest birding festival. As the associate sponsor, we are thrilled to support this educational celebration, which highlights the diversity of birds, mammals, reptiles, and insects in their natural habitats. The festival offers guided trips to numerous birding hotspots in southeast Arizona, providing attendees with unique opportunities to explore the region's rich biodiversity.

Hummingbird Research Project:
Dave Katz and The Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge

Mr. Dave Katz is an independent hummingbird researcher and a member of the Board of Directors of the Friends of Great Swamp NWR. He actively contributes to conservation efforts, shares his knowledge through lectures, and supports hummingbird enthusiasts online. Birdfy has sponsored products and funding to support his hummingbird research and conservation initiaves.

Charity Auction:
Van Bauren Project Graduation Green&White Gala

Birdfy donated products to support Taylor's Elementary education programs. With Birdfy Feeders, students are happily involved in an interactive and enjoyable way of bird-watching. This innovation attracts even young children, turning bird observation into an engaging activity. 

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We offer opportunities for individuals with impactful environmental or societal projects who lack the necessary funds or resources to bring their visions to life.

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We also invite donors passionate about contributing to nature and society to join the Birdfy Fund, allowing us to collectively support these meaningful initiatives.

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Involved Steps

Submit your ideas by clicking buttons in the page, or directly contact us via

Birdfy team will review and get back to you as soon as possible. Please note that review times may vary based on the nature of different projects.

Once your application is reviewed and approved, the Birdfy team will send you a notice to confirm the sponsorship details. 

Honorable Judge on the Birdfy Fund Program Panel

Stephen Moss INFORMAL PHOTO.jpeg__PID:89c5095b-64dc-476e-a32a-53bb272d29c6

Stephen Moss - Birdfy Global Consultant

All applications will be meticulously reviewed and evaluated by the Birdfy team and our global consultant, Mr. Stephen Moss, a renowned nature writer, broadcaster, and wildlife TV producer. Mr. Moss will also offer professional insights and assistance for each project.

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