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Mother's Day

Mother’s Day

Mother's Day celebrates the maternal bond in families, but what about birds? From laying eggs to nurturing chicks, mothers play a vital role, whether it's caring for nesting songbirds or guiding precocious young. There are exceptions, however, as some females leave the responsibility of raising their children to their mates, even leaving the eggs in the nests of other species.
May 20, 2024 — Stephen Moss
Birds of Alaska

Birds of Alaska

Alaska's rugged expanse and symphony of bird life is a testament to its vast and diverse ecosystem. From the iconic American Robin with its brick-red breast to the ethereal hummingbird with its fiery red plumage, every bird species finds its habitat in Alaska's diverse terrain.
May 16, 2024 — Stella Huang
Birds of Alabama

Birds of Alabama

Alabama is home to a rich diversity of bird species, and its diverse habitats provide shelter for a wide variety of bird species. It is estimated that more than 400 bird species have been recorded in the state. Alabama birders can observe both common and rare birds in the state's diverse landscapes.
May 16, 2024 — Stella Huang
Birds of Arkansas

Birds in Arkansas

Located in the heart of the southern United States, Arkansas is rich in biodiversity and ecological wonders. Among the many natural creatures that inhabit this lush land, birds are a vibrant and diverse component. From common widespread birds to rare and endangered birds, Arkansas is a birdwatcher's paradise with its wide variety of bird species. Let's explore the wonderful world of birds in Arkansas!
May 16, 2024 — Jie LI
California Birds

Birds in Georgia

In Georgia's diverse bird ecosystem, each sunrise marks the beginning of a symphony of avian melodies, echoing through the verdant landscape. From the awe-inspiring flights of eagles commanding the skies to the gentle hum of hummingbirds flitting among blossoming flowers, every bird contributes to the intricate web of life. Nestled within towering trees, owl families maintain vigilant watch with their wise eyes, while exuberant parrots fill the air with vibrant hues and cheerful chatter.
May 14, 2024 — An Tong
Birds of Colorado

Birds of Colorado

Approximately 500 species of birds have been recorded in Colorado. With its diverse habitats and abundance of bird species, Colorado offers birdwatchers and nature lovers endless opportunities to explore and discover the fascinating world of birds.
May 14, 2024 — Stella Huang
Carolina chickadee

Birds in Deladare

In Deladare's rich bird ecosystem, every dawn heralds a symphony of melodies as diverse species converge in the lush foliage. From the majestic flight of eagles soaring overhead to the delicate flutter of hummingbirds amidst colorful blooms, each bird plays a vital role in the delicate balance of nature.
May 13, 2024 — Tong AN
Top 5 Guatemala Birds

Top 5 Guatemala Birds

Join Dr. Stephen Moss on an exciting birding adventure through the lush landscapes of Guatemala, where he encounters rare and vibrant bird species. From the elusive Goldman's Warbler to the majestic Quetzal, Dr. Moss will share his fascinating insights into the diverse birdlife of Central America.
May 10, 2024 — Stephen Moss
Birds in New York

Birds of New York

Known for its rich and diverse geography and ecosystems, New York State ranks among the highest in the eastern United States for bird diversity, attracting many common and uncommon birds from the Adirondacks to the Hudson River Valley to New York City's urban parks. While there are no strictly unique birds, New York is an important habitat for many specialized bird species.
May 10, 2024 — Jie LI
Birds of Connecticut

Birds of Connecticut

Connecticut's bird life is rich and diverse, with more than 400 species recorded within its borders. These include both resident birds that inhabit the state year-round and migratory birds that migrate seasonally. They weave a tapestry of avian wonders that entices enthusiasts to explore and cherish Connecticut's natural treasures.
May 09, 2024 — Stella Huang
Birds of Texas

Birds in Texas

Texas is known for its vast geographic and ecological diversity, which has contributed to the area's rich and diverse bird communities. While Texas is home to many birds that can be found in other areas, it is also filled with many unique birds that play an important role in the ecosystem and have distinctive characteristics.
May 08, 2024 — Jie LI
Birds of Florida

Birds in Florida

Florida is home to a wide variety of birds, from the common blue jay and northern mockingbird to state-exclusive specialties such as the Florida Scrub-Jay and the Roseate Spoonbill. such rich bird diversity is largely attributable to Florida's diverse ecosystems.