The Perfect Mother's Day Gift

Mother’s Day Birding Tradition

Every Mother's Day weekend when I was a kid, my mom and I would join a small group of birders on a country road in West Virginia. We were there for our annual date with the chickadees.We stood on the side of the road and watched as nesting pairs swooped across the downy fields. Chickadees fly more than 12,000 miles from southern South America to get here. The males are clad in gold reverse tuxedos, like little James Bonds. They perch on fence posts and sing merrily. Other seasonal visitors, including dozens of migrating warblers, also land in West Virginia's woods. Flashes of orange, yellow and blue illuminate the trees that have fallen. It's a truly wonderful sight.


More Accompany

As I grew older, I often found myself away from home. However, I realized the importance of bringing more companionship to my mom. Now, even if I can't be with her often, I do my best to make her feel my love and companionship. Every Mother's Day, I make it a point to give her a special gift to express my deepest blessings and gratitude to her. I also call her regularly to share my life and work with her and listen to her heart and concerns. Despite being far away, I still try to make my mom feel my support and companionship, hoping to bring her a touch of warmth and comfort.

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Whenever Mother's Day approaches, I am always filled with thoughts of home. I think back to the country road I walked with my mom when I was a child, and those good times with the birds seem like yesterday all over again. Although I am now in a different place, my thoughts and love for my mom are getting stronger. I know that no matter where I am, my mom is the most important person in my life. On this special holiday, I would like to express my gratitude and love to her once again, and hope that she can feel my sincere feelings even though she is far away. Because, no matter where I am, my heart will always be connected to my mom, just like the birds are connected to their homes.


Bird Feeder Shopping Guide

Birdfy Feeder

Mom loves all the birds in her backyard. While this is a great gift, you may need to help with the installation. We will need to put some pieces together, install, download the app, connect the camera, and show mom how it all works on her phone in about 20 minutes or so. She logs into the app every day to check on the birds. The solar panel keeps the camera fully charged. A chickadee puts up its bird feathers - a sight I never would have seen without this camera. Love it.


Birdfy Pro-perch Extension

Birdfy offers the Birdfy Pro Perch Stand, a versatile stand that can be customized with a variety of add-ons to suit different bird preferences. This stand can be customized to meet your DIY needs for different add-ons.The Birdfy Pro perch features a fruit holder designed for warblers, cardinals, and finches, which can be used to attract these birds by simply inserting fruits such as oranges. The perch also provides space for a jelly feeder, perfect for warblers. Offering a variety of options to easily nourish and attract different species of birds. In addition, Birdfy has cleverly redesigned the traditional ring hummingbird feeder to introduce a small, miniature hummingbird feeder that is perfect for attracting hummingbirds. This is a wider professional perch, and unlike the previous design, the Birdfy Perch Pro has a wider structure that makes it easy for you to add different add-ons, but retains the same amount of space for birds to stand.

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Birdfy Bird Seed Guard

Birdfy has another excellent design called the Seed Guard, which cleverly solves the problem of unnecessary food waste by maximizing the use of bird food and saying goodbye to bird food loss. This product keeps bird food safely inside the feeder, reducing the risk of spillage due to wind or bird pecking, while keeping the feeding area tidier and cleaner. In addition, Birdfy's anti-guano flyaway cover is rust resistant and protects against water damage, ensuring longevity and performance even in wet environments. These are excellent designs and highly practical!

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Birdfy Cloud Service

Birdfy currently offers two ways to store videos or photos, cloud storage and SD card storage. Live streaming and motion detection events. Motion detection events are 20 seconds in length and are automatically saved in the cloud. Cloud storage offers 30 days of storage and a video duration of 20 seconds. If you want more storage time or video recording time, you can subscribe to the Event Video Recording Service, which gives you 60 days of storage and 30 seconds of video recording time. If you want to store your videos for a longer period of time, you can purchase a microSD card so that the videos can be stored locally on the microSD card and can be accessed at any time. microSD card installation is very simple, to insert the microSD card into the Birdflight feeder, locate the microSD card slot on the top of the camcorder. Hold the microSD card with the tab facing the same direction as the camera lens and slide it into the slot until it clicks into place. To remove the microSD card, use the SIM card ejector tool or a paper clip to gently press on the card to eject it, then carefully pull it out. Whether or not you use a microSD card does not affect any other aspect of your Birdfy experience.You can choose based on your specific needs!

Birdfy Hum Feeder

A friend in California shared the hummingbird feeding video with me and said, "We never thought watching hummingbirds could be so easy and fun." The Birdfy Hummingbird Feeder with Camera makes this so easy, you get to see these adorable birds up close and personal, and it's so simple to use. We received a hummingbird feeder as a New Year's gift a few months ago, and we put it in our backyard because the hummingbirds have been coming in every day since we planted Honeysuckle Corners 16 years ago. This is the first time we have been able to watch hummingbirds not only from our kitchen window, but from anywhere with our cell phones. Every time the hummingbirds came, we were able to get very clear close-up photos and a 19 second video, which was awesome.


The Birdfy Hum Feeder feeder is well made and has plenty of capacity to hold nectar. It has multiple feeding ports and two cameras to capture video from different angles. You can also take screenshots to save photos. Installation is very easy and similar to the Birdfy feeder. It also comes with a solar panel, which is definitely a plus because depending on how windy it is outside, more motion detection is recorded, which drains the battery life faster. My regular Birdfy feeder with the solar panel works great.


Birdfy Feeder Bamboo

The Birdfy Feeder Bamboo offers a larger feeding capacity of up to 3 liters of food, meeting the increased feeding needs of birds in cooler climates. This design makes it easy to add food without having to do so frequently. In colder environments, birds need more energy to keep their body temperature stable, as their body temperature is usually higher than the ambient temperature. By consuming more food, birds are able to increase their body's energy reserves to counteract energy expenditure in cold conditions. Cold weather also accelerates the metabolic rate of birds to maintain body temperature. Therefore, to meet the accelerated energy demands, birds need to consume more food. In addition, some birds build up fat reserves by eating more to combat possible short-term food shortages or to reserve energy for needs such as migration.


Bamboo and wood products have high durability and are able to withstand extreme climatic conditions in dry areas, such as high temperatures, low humidity and strong winds. Compared to other materials, bamboo wood is less susceptible to deformation or breakage due to dry climate. 


For above reasons, the Birdfy Feeder really stands for a thoughtful gift choice for Mother's Day, offering both affection and sustainability. Its birds feeding features caters to the increased needs of birds during various climates. Moreover, the feader's camera will capture cherished moments when birds visit your house or backyard. It has connected me and mom closer, that is the reason I really recommend this product. It is the best and unique mother's day gift that not only celebrates the beauty of nature but also honors the nurturing spirit of mothers.