Event Video Recording

Event Video Recording Upgrade Launch

0 Cool Down Time Now Available!

The latest upgrade for Event Video Recording Plans. The 0 second cool down time option is now available for your choice. 

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Event Video Recording

Check what you've missed

Records videos up to 60 days when motion and ring call detected, check what you've missed through a detailed video at any time.

Birdfy Cameras

DeviceAll1Up to 2Up to 5
Up to 10
Video History30 Days30 Days30 Days60 Days60 Days
VideoUp to 20sUp to 30sUp to 30sUp to 30sUp to 30s
Least Cool Down Time0 Mins0 Mins0 Mins
0 Mins0 Mins

Event Notification

Get alerted immediately

When motion/ring call detected, you will get a notification from Netvue App immediately.

  • Burglaries or Break-Ins
  • Family members arrive home
  • Delivery or visitors

Event List

Video history up to 60 days

Scroll through your timeline to view the moments you missed throughout the day.

Video Saving and Sharing

Keep enjoying with your family and friends

Video Saving and SharingKeep enjoying with your family and friendsShare the captured footage with your family and friends, as well as post it on social media to engage with more bird enthusiasts and enjoy watching adorable birds together.

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