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Birds Spring Migration

April Blog for Birdfy:Spring Migration

One of the first signs of spring, in the UK in particular, is the arrival of migrant birds, which will spend the warmer months of the northern hemisphere year here. From the first few Sand Martins, Wheatears and Chiffchaffs in March, this migration builds to a peak in the second half of April and into May.
April 15, 2024 — Garfield He
Garden Birds

Breeding seasons for different garden birds

It is important to note that the breeding season can vary depending on factors such as climate, habitat availability, and food resources. In addition, some birds may breed multiple broods in a single breeding season, while others may have only one brood. 
April 14, 2024 — Stella Huang
Birds Nurture

How Do Birds Nurture the Next Generation

Birds come in a wide variety of species and habitats, exemplifying nature's complex process of reproduction and parenting. From elaborate and complex nesting to tireless feeding and protection, birds employ a variety of strategies to nurture the next generation.
April 07, 2024 — Jie LI
Mother's Day

When is Mother's Day 2024

Mother's Day 2024 will be celebrated on May 12th. The origins of Mother's Day can be traced back to ancient practices that honored the mother goddess, but the modern Mother's Day began in the United States in the early 1900s, with Anna Jarvis spearheading the call for a Mother's Day.
March 26, 2024 — Stella Huang
joy of having a bird feeder

User Story: The Joy of Having A Bird Feeder

Bird watching at the bird feeder is truly a therapeutic way to escape the stresses of everyday life. Unlike other hobbies such as golf or fishing, which require a lot of preparation and equipment, bird watching offers a simple and easy way to relax. Simply set out some birdseed and enjoy a fascinating show.
March 26, 2024 — Steve Elsberry
Feeding Fledglings: A Guide to Feeding Baby Birds

Feeding Fledglings: A Guide to Feeding Baby Birds

Discover the essentials of feeding baby birds in this concise guide. From understanding their diet to practical tips on care, this resource ensures the well-being of these delicate creatures.
March 10, 2024 — Stella Huang
Bird Introduction-Black-capped Chickadee

Bird Introduction-Black-capped Chickadee

The black-capped chickadee is a small, non-migratory, North American songbird that lives in deciduous and mixed forests. The black-capped chickadee has a black cap and "bib" with white sides to the face. Its underparts are white with rusty brown on the flanks. Its back is gray and the tail is normally slate gray.
February 26, 2024 — Support Customer

What kind of food do birds like in summer

Choose the right food, the more birds will visit our backyard. Choosing bird food is a kind of not easy thing. During summer, many birds will eat fruit and insects in addition to popular seeds, and offering a wider selection in your Birdfy will attract more birds.
February 26, 2024 — Support Customer

The Benefits of Feeding Birds using a Bird Feeder

Birders have an amazing way to get in touch with nature. Feeding birds not only has great significance to some religions like Hinduism but is also considered a noble act. With bird populations booming, there’s a need to feed more birds, and using bird feeders is the best way to keep up the regular supply of food for birds.
February 26, 2024 — Jerry woo
Eight types of bird seeds for Birdfy and their advantages & disadvantages

Eight types of bird seeds for Birdfy and their advantages & disadvantages

For Birdfy, there are many kinds of bird food we can put, mealworms, peanuts, fruit, and seeds. One of the most important components is seeds. Seed is a large range that contains eight different species, mainly has got black oil sunflower seed, striped sunflower seed, Safflower Seed, and so on. Now let's analyze their advantages and disadvantages.
February 23, 2024 — Estelle Yang


Birds have thousands of feathers, and each one is subject to wear and tear, which leads to molting. So what is molting and how do birds molt? Molting is the process by which birds shed old or worn feathers and grow new ones to replace them. A molt may be partial and replace just some of a bird's feathers or complete when all the feathers are replaced at once. 
February 23, 2024 — Estelle Yang
Evening Grosbeak

Bird introduction-Evening Grosbeak

Bird introduction-Evening Grosbeak The evening grosbeak is a passerine bird in the finch family Fringillidae found in North America. The evening grosbeak and Eurasian hawfinch share a similar appearance, as they are both bulky, heavily-built finches with short tails and large bills. In its adult form, the evening grosbeak features a short black tail, black wings, and a large pale bill. 
January 18, 2024 — Supported Customer