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Kalamazoo, MI – Provision Living at Oshtemo, a leading assisted living and memory support community located at 210 N. 9th Street, Kalamazoo, is excited to announce its partnership with Birdfy, a company renowned for its innovative bird watching technology. This collaboration aims to enhance the lives of the nursing home's residents by providing them with real-time bird watching experiences.

Birdfy's Tailored Solution to Support

The partnership began when Christene Oorbeck, an enthusiastic advocate from Provision Living at Oshtemo, reached out to Birdfy. She had the idea of the potential benefits that real-time bird watching could bring to the residents, both socially and intellectually. She proposed developing a system to stream bird feeder activity directly to the facility's television system, making it an engaging and stimulating activity for the seniors.

Birdfy responded promptly, requesting more detailed information about the facility to create a tailored plan for implementing the initiative. Janna Ritter, representing Provision Living at Oshtemo, provided the necessary details, explaining that the community has four common area televisions that are not part of an integrated system but are capable of YouTube playback. This information was crucial for Birdfy to design a suitable solution for the nursing home.

After understanding the specific needs and technical setup of the facility, Birdfy proposed an ideal streaming option: a third-person perspective live stream hosted on their website or via YouTube links, Birdfy sponsored two products: the Birdfy Cam and the Birdfy Feeder.The Birdfy team has maintained ongoing communication with the nursing home, ensuring a seamless integration of the bird watching experience.

Birdfy's R&D department has been actively involved, assisting with the YouTube live streaming tests and updating configurations based on the product IDs provided by the facility. This close collaboration has been instrumental in overcoming technical challenges and ensuring the residents can enjoy uninterrupted bird watching in real-time.

A New Source of Joy and Entertainment

Today, the residents of Provision Living at Oshtemo are enjoying the beauty and tranquility of bird watching in their living room. The live stream is active most of the day, and it has quickly become a popular activity, with residents regularly stopping by to watch the birds. The image shows a cozy living room in the nursing home, where several elderly residents are comfortably seated and watching the bird-watching live stream on a large flat-screen TV mounted above a stone fireplace.

The room is warmly decorated with plants, books, and artwork, creating a homely atmosphere. The residents appear engaged and relaxed, enjoying the calming and engaging activity provided by the Birdfy live stream. This collaboration has brought immense joy and a new source of entertainment to the nursing home community.
Birdfy and Provision Living at Oshtemo are thrilled with the success of this project and are looking forward to exploring more ways to enrich the lives of senior communities around the world.
June 16, 2024 — Lucy Guo

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