Birdfy Introduces "Birdfy Recap": A Monthly Review Function for Users to Recall Bird Visits on Their Birdfy Feeders

Birdfy, one of the pioneers in the smart bird feeder industry, is excited to announce the launch of 'Birdfy Recap,' a new service designed to enrich the smart bird-watching experience. This innovative feature compiles personalized data to create a monthly recap of all the feathered friends that have visited the user's feeder, transforming each visit into a memorable story.

Birdfy Recap

What Is Birdfy Recap?

Birdfy Recap is a feature uniquely designed to compile the detection and identification history from the user's Birdfy Feeder, generating insightful statistics and memorable highlights of their avian visitors. In detail, Birdfy Recap includes the following functions:

"In the last 30 days, you've got 34 different bird species and 1210 bird visits."

First, users will see the number of bird species identified by their Birdfy Feeders and the total number of bird visits in the past 30 days.
Following this, a highlight video, automatically generated by the Birdfy system, showcases a montage of stunning bird videos captured by the Birdfy Feeder. Lasting between 10-30 seconds, it generates standout moments of the bird visits, providing a wonderful video for users to recall, enjoy, and share with friends.

different bird species 

"Your visiting species surpasses 80% of Birdfy users; and your visit count surpasses 80% of Birdfy users." 

In the next slide, users can discover their personal achievements among all Birdfy users. This includes the percentage of their visiting species surpassing others, as well as the total visit count.
Beneath these statistics, they will also receive a video featuring their most frequent visitor species.
This allows users to learn how their feeder's popularity ranks among the Birdfy community.




"You identified this rare bird, Mockingbird. It's unseen by over 80% of Birdfy users."

Scrolling down, users will then unlock the rarest bird species they have identified, along with statistics showing the percentage of this bird's rarity compared to other Birdfy users.
This feature allows users to compare bird varieties and understand the species diversity within the community.




“Here are some surprieses..."

Surprisingly, some users may receive unexpected moments in the final part of the recap.
This includes encounters with uninvited guests such as squirrels, raccoons, and more.

Another surprising recap is the Feeder Frenzy, it includes moments when more than three birds are detected in the scene, signifying a particularly lively and crowded moment for the user's Birdfy.
These special and rare moments will add an extra element of surprise to the recap for users.


squirrels, raccoons


Each Birdfy user will have the option to export the Recap by copying a link or generating an adorable poster. The poster will display the best scenes and a summary of the statistics, enabling users to share and preserve these moments in their gallery.

Also, if a user actively shares and engages in the community, they will receive a recap of the number of videos they have shared, as well as the videos they have liked from other users. A video will be displayed below, showcasing the first video they liked during the month, to help them recall the moment they first saw it.


Northern Cardinal

Bird Visit


Accessing Birdfy Recap is as easy as opening the Birdfy app on the user's phone. By clicking on the icon in the top right corner to access the 'account' page, users can scroll down to find the 'Birdfy Recap' section.


Birdfy Recap


Birdfy Recap


In sum, the new feature Birdfy Recap not only celebrates the bird-watching achievements of our users but also deepens their connection with the avian friends. This innovative feature analyzes and highlights each user's interactions with their Birdfy Feeder, fostering a sense of accomplishment and belonging within the dynamic Birdfy Community. Users can now relive their monthly bird-watching highlights through custom-generated recaps, available as visually appealing posters or shareable links, perfect for spreading the joy and wonder of birding with friends, family, and the wider community.

As a brand committed to enhancing the bird-watching experience, Birdfy continues to refine and expand its app features, aiming to cultivate a friendly, joyous, and meaningful community for every bird enthusiast. For more information on how Birdfy Recap is transforming backyard bird-watching into a shared adventure, visit or reach out to us at Join us in celebrating the beauty of nature and the fascinating world of birds through Birdfy.
February 29, 2024 — Estelle Yang


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I have a real problem with Doves they control the feeder just sit in there and will not leave if you scare them away they just comeback a few minutes later

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