We are thrilled to announce our renewed collaboration with Birda for the 'Picture this Bird' Photo Challenge, aiming to inspire users to celebrate the wonder of nature by capturing and documenting photos of at least 10 different bird species.

The campaign runs from October 1st to October 31, this challenge invites bird enthusiasts and great photographers to capture the grace and beauty of various bird species. We're now halfway through the campaign, so please take advantage of the last chance to enter - anyone can win!

How to Participate

Participants are encouraged to upload at least 10 photos of different species of birds taken by themselves, each image ideally sized at 1200x800px on the Birda app before the challenge deadline. The challenge is open to all those who have a passion for nature and birds.

Participants don't necessarily need to be photography experts; they just need to share the beautiful moments of birds they have captured. Prizes will be attributed via random draw. No matter if you're a professional photographer, a bird expert, or simply a bird lover who enjoys capturing what you see, don't miss the chance to join!

Winners's prizes:

  • First Prize:

    Birdfy Feeder AI+Solar Panel+Pro Perch+Coupon code for Birdfy Series
  • Second Prize:

    Birdfy Feeder AI+Solar Panel+Coupon code for Birdfy Series
  • Third Prize:

    Birdfy Cam AI (no feeder)+Solar Panel+Coupon code for Birdfy Series
Birda is an organization dedicated to bird conservation while providing a cloud-based platform for birding enthusiasts who appreciate these fascinating creatures, users can explore nature on Birda's birding app. At Birdfy, we share Birda's vision and mission, striving to enhance the experience of bird lovers around the world.

Cooperation Review: Birdfy & Birda

Birda is dedicated to organizing a range of challenging activities and encouraging the general public to take part. Not only do they provide a platform for bird lovers to share the birds they encounter and the pictures they capture, but these activities also hold intrinsic value by contributing ecological data to bird conservation efforts. Birdfy has been teamed up with Birda since May 2023. As a product sponsor, Birdfy has already supported two Birda events and is striving to enhance awareness and engagement for bird conservation collaboratively.

The Biggest Week Birding Challenge, organized by the Black Swamp Bird Observatory in Ohio, USA, is an annual 10-day event during the peak of spring migration. Birders compete to spot the most bird species, and it includes activities like bird walks, workshops, and social events, promoting birdwatching and conservation while boosting the local economy. The event drew 168 participants who logged 850 birds, engaging around 10,000 audiences.

The June 7-Day Birdwatching Blitz Challenge, initiated by the Birda community and sponsored by Birdfy, is a week-long event encouraging birdwatchers in the UK to spend more time outdoors and connect with nature by logging bird sightings daily. This challenge reached approximately 200,000 users and involved over 5,700 Birda participants, spreading awareness and appreciation for birds.

Click the link for better understanding: Birdfy & Birda

Once again, we sincerely wish you to join us in this challenge. Photos are a way of documenting your life, so share your memorable moments of beautiful birds and share with your family, friends, and the world through your photos.

Remember that everyone enjoys the same chances of winning, so don't miss out on the opportunity! The campaign is halfway through the deadline, so please take advantage of the last chance to enter - anyone can win!

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October 17, 2023 — Cathy Yue

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