Birdfy, as a leader in the bird feeder camera industry, has announced a groundbreaking partnership with Flying Colors, renowned for their high-quality, organic bird seeds. This collaboration marks a significant step forward in providing bird enthusiasts with ethical and superior seed solutions for bird care and love.

Birdfy and Flying Colors
Birdfy has been at the forefront of camera technological innovation in birdwatching, offering products that connect people with nature and foster a deeper appreciation for wildlife. The partnership with Flying Colors extends this commitment to bird welfare, marrying advanced technology with environmentally responsible practices. Flying Colors, known for their strict adherence to organic and sustainable farming, brings to the table a range of bird seeds that are not only safe for birds but also beneficial for the ecosystem. Their products are free from harmful chemicals and pesticides, ensuring that bird lovers can provide the best care to their feathered friends.

"The union of Birdfy and Flying Colors is more than just a business partnership; it's a shared vision for a more ethical approach to bird care," said Allen Chen, the CEO of Birdfy. "We are thrilled to collaborate with a company that aligns so closely with our values and commitment to quality and sustainability." This collaboration offers bird watchers a unique opportunity to engage in eco-friendly bird feeding practices. The co-branded products will include a variety of seed mixes and single-origin offerings, catering to the diverse dietary needs of different bird species.

Adhering to Stringent Sourcing Standards for Premium Quality

Birdfy No-mess Blend

Birdfy's dedication to excellence is matched by Flying Colors' expertise in sourcing only the finest ingredients. The co-branded products are a testament to their joint commitment to all-natural cultivation. Each batch of farm-grown seeds and nuts is meticulously selected, ensuring they are completely free from harmful chemicals, pesticides, and insecticides.

In line with their commitment to traditional farming practices, none of the co-branded bird seeds have undergone genetic modification or engineering. This not only reflects the brands' dedication to natural farming methods but also guarantees that each component is certified as 100% USDA Organic by CCOF, maintaining the highest quality standards in every product.

Nutritional Specialty Blends & Single-Origin Creations for Diverse Bird Preferences

Birdfy Organic Bird Seed
Understanding the varied dietary needs of different bird species, Birdfy and Flying Colors have developed a range of specialty blends and single-origin offerings. Crafted from premium ingredients favored by birds, these blends are sourced from a select group of bird experts and blended in-house. This ensures the highest standards of quality and nutrition, tailored to the unique preferences of avian species.

The team's commitment goes beyond just feeding; each blend is rigorously tested to appeal to various bird species, turning every backyard into a sanctuary for feathered visitors. The product line's promise to exclude wasteful or harmful fillers is backed by stringent quality control, ensuring no twigs, stones, or moldy seeds ever find their way into these co-branded blends.

Handcrafted Excellence and Eco-Friendly Packaging for the Modern Consumer

Birdfy Organic Bird Seed Packaging
In keeping with their commitment to sustainability and quality, Birdfy and Flying Colors also ensure that the packaging of their bird seed meets the highest ethical and organic standards. The packaging is 100% recyclable and plastic-free, incorporating materials like glass and cardboard. Merging aesthetic appeal with eco-friendliness, the attractively designed package is not just a premium choice for bird lovers but also serves as an ideal gift option for those wishing to share their love and care for birds, particularly during the holiday season.

A Collaborative Effort to Deliver Ethical and High-quality Seed Solutions for Bird Care and Love

Research on neonicotinoid pesticides has highlighted their harmful impact on birds, particularly in fields where treated seeds are used. These toxic pesticides not only directly affect birds but also damage the insect populations and ecosystems they depend on. Thus, organic farming practices are crucial in mitigating these threats and counteracting the ecological imbalance caused by industrial-scale practices, such as the runoff of excess nutrients from synthetic fertilizers into water bodies, creating ecological dead zones.

Unfortunately, organic bird feed is scarcely available in the existing market, leaving a gap for consumers who wish to provide the highest quality care for birds. Flying Colors, addressing this need, offers organic bird feed and a diverse range of seed choices. Through extensive research, diligent backyard experiments, and insightful discussions with seed experts, ecologists, and ornithologists, Flying Colors borned and introduces one of the healthiest bird seed to the market.

Bird and Organic Bird Seed
Sharing a similar vision with Flying Colors, Birdfy is proud to establish a partnership with them. This year, Birdfy has launched two sustainable additions to its bird feeder camera series – the Birdfy Feeder Bamboo and Birdfy Nest. Both are crafted with high-grade, FSC-certified sustainable bamboo. This offers an ecological option to customers who wish to create an eco-friendly backyard. Partnering with an organic bird seed company provides the perfect solution for avian lovers who care about nature and the health of birds, together bringing a comprehensive approach to environmentally conscious bird care.

Although organic bird feed currently does not receive the attention it deserves in the market, it's urgently necessary for industry players to take immediate and practical action for the welfare of birds. The greater the number of people who embrace eco-birding, the better. Those committed to the well-being of wild birds often also advocate for more substantial bird conservation measures, leading to a greater overall impact. In line with this, Birdfy actively takes the first step in the bird feeder camera industry to introduce organic and ethical products, encouraging the audience to show more love and care for their avian friends. The Birdfy and Flying Colors product line is now available for purchase. For more information, please visit Birdfy organic bird seed page for more!

Birdfy Organic Bird Seed

December 05, 2023 — Estelle Yang

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