Birdfy recently announced the cooperation with The Glen Helen Outdoor Education Center (OCE) in Yellow Spring Ohio to support the local environment reservation and education career. This new partnership introduces exciting opportunities for connecting our next generation to mother nature and deepen their understanding of environmental knowledge. Besides, it broadens the landscape of public engagement of birds and environmental conservation too. 

As a pioneering entity in the field of smart bird feeder, Birdfy is actively utilizing its influence to take on more social responsibility. In order to make every dollar take flight, Birdfy sets up Birdfy Fund and allocates $1 from every sale. The fund will be applied to improve the well-being of birds and society. To date, the Birdfy Fund has proudly raised over $200000, and sponsored over 50 projects. By advocating programs that emphasize cultivation for the young, Birdfy Fund reinforces Birdfy's commitment of positively act for our future. There are a variety of Birdfy Fund partners, including charity events, bird-related conservation initiatives, and educational programs. Glen Helen Outdoor Education Center (OEC) in Yellow Springs, Ohio, is one of the partners with great potential. 

Since 1956, Glen Helen Outdoor Education Center (OCE) in Yellow Spring Ohio has provided residential environmental science learning and summer camps for students in southern Ohio. They aims to cultivate the community by offering transformative self-discovery learning experience in the practices of sciences. In late May 2024, the OEC contacted the Birdfy Fund to apply for a Birdfy Bird Feeder as an educational tool and bird visitation data collector. 

After communicating and reviewing the application, Birdfy discovered that the environmental and educational visions of our two organizations are aligned, and then granted the OEC's request. As one of the most popular lessons, OCE's bird adaptation lesson offers opportunities for wild bird observation, allowing participants to explore habitats and experience birdwatching. The AI (Artificial Intelligence) Birdfy Bird Feeder will be placed in one of the bird blinds at Glen Helen OCE's environmental science learning residence. The bird blind areas help people watch the birds without being noticed, preventing the birds from being scared and allowing for the observation of their natural behaviors. Birdfy Bird Feeder's live camera and event video recording function will capture every bird visitor, assisting the OEC in data collection. Besides, these videos will become part of the curriculum at the OEC by adding class materials. The immersive curriculum used to be a precious but one-time experience for some children. However, with the help of Birdfy, OEC educators can share the footage with their school partners, allowing continuous learning and connection to the program and nature.

For local organizations that are ambitious to service their communities like OCE, Birdfy products are efficient for expanding engagement and building local ecological database. Furthermore, with the help of AI function, watching and learning experiences are organically intertwined. People do not have to switch from outdoor activities to books and research, which interrupts the experience of birdwatching. They can immediately identify the bird and learn more with the help of instant recognization function of Birdfy camera. Technology and nature are not hostile worlds, and Birdfy is one of the great instance of how cutting-edge tech-companies give back to our society and environments.

The long-term environmental and educational visions are deeply embedded in Birdfy's developing strategies. Birdfy is not only dedicating in technological innovations that serve bird lovers, but also aim to cultivate more partners who are involved in the carrer of protecting nature and birds. Together with our partners, Birdfy is conveying the perspective that combines love for birds, love for nature and love for community. If you are interested in learning more or discovering possibilities with Birdfy, contact for more information.
June 20, 2024 — Leah Lin

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