The Global Birdfair, a prominent international event dedicated to celebrating the world of birds, is set to make a grand return from July 12th to 14th this year. Following last year's success, Birdfy is excited to announce its attendance once again to bring more joy and excitement for participants.
Birdfy, known for integrating innovative smart cameras into traditional birdwatching, aims to captivate participants and usher in a smarter future for avian enthusiasts. Attendees can visit Birdfy at Stand R61 in the Robin Marquee, located at Lyndon Top, Rutland LE15 8RN.
What is Birdfy? Birdfy is a smart bird feeder brand that captures everyday surprises of garden visitors, notifies and identifies them, and allows users to share the joy of their garden birdwatching with others.
Last Year's Success Birdfy’s attendance at last year's Global Birdfair was successful in three major aspects:
  1. Innovative Showcase: Traditional bird feeder users and birdwatchers were astounded by Birdfy’s groundbreaking approach to birdwatching. The seamless integration of smart technology with conventional birdwatching methods drew significant attention and praise from both novice and experienced birdwatchers alike.
  2. Engaging On-site Events: Birdfy's booth was a hub of activity, featuring a lucky draw and various interactive events that not only entertained but also educated visitors about the benefits of smart bird feeders. These events fostered a lively atmosphere, encouraging participants to delve deeper into the joys of birding and nature appreciation.
  3. Building Connections: Birdfy successfully established meaningful connections with numerous entities within the birding community, including bird conservation organizations, individual bird enthusiasts, and industry publications. This network-building was instrumental in enhancing Birdfy’s visibility and credibility in the birding world, leading to collaborative opportunities and shared initiatives focused on bird conservation and education.
What's New This Year?
  1. Dedicated Stand: Birdfy will have its own stand this year, creating a comfortable and interactive zone for visitors to learn about smart bird feeders and how they provide a smarter, more portable birding experience. The stand will feature a hands-on demonstration area where visitors can try out the smart birding cameras, see live feeds, and experience firsthand how these devices can transform their birdwatching activities.
  2. Product Offerings and Sales: Birdfy will bring its full range of products, including the latest innovations in smart bird feeders. On-site sales will be available with special discounts for visitors who want to take home their own smart garden birdwatching experience. Additionally, Birdfy will offer exclusive bundles and promotional packages tailored to enhance the joy of nature right in your backyard.
  3. Birdfy Fund: Birdfy proudly announces its fundraising project, the Birdfy Fund. Join the Birdfy Fund and let Birdfy support your cause! Birdfy is dedicated to giving back to society and nature, allocating $1 from each sale, and has raised $200,000 to establish the Birdfy Fund. Birdfy has supported over 50 charity events, educational programs, and bird conservation causes. Visitors can learn more about this initiative at the stand and find out how they can contribute to bird conservation efforts.
Birdfy looks forward to seeing everyone at Stand R61, Robin Marquee, Lyndon Top, Rutland LE15 8RN.
For more information, please visit Birdfy’s website or contact
July 07, 2024 — Emma Mo

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