Birdwatching has long been a cherished pastime for nature lovers and enthusiasts. For those who take pleasure in the melodious songs and vibrant plumage of our feathered friends, Birdfy understand the importance of providing a welcoming environment for them. Today, Birdfy is thrilled to announce their latest offering, the Birdfy Pole Station, a revolutionary product designed to cater to the needs of both birds and birdwatchers.

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The Key Advantages of the Birdfy Pole Station
The Birdfy Pole Station is a thoughtfully designed bird feeder stand that integrates a smart camera and a solar panel. It is engineered to provide versatile support for a variety of bird feeders and decorative items, accommodating different weights, sizes and shapes. For users who already have Birdfy feeders, this product allows them to transform their backyard into a true nature oasis, celebrating the beauty of nature with their avian companions.

What sets the Birdfy Pole Station apart is its unique combination of functions. Unlike traditional poles that serve solely as a hanger for bird feeders and other decorative items, the Birdfy Pole Station includes an adjustable high-resolution camera. This camera can be freely repositioned and offers different perspectives on the feeders within the station. Meanwhile, Birdfy Smart Feeder enhances the experience by facilitating detailed observations and employing AI identification to create an unparalleled birdwatching experience.

Furthermore, the camera is powered by a solar panel, guaranteeing an eco-friendly and uninterrupted birdwatching experience on users' mobile devices. This feature sets the product apart as an exceptional choice for nature and bird enthusiasts. In essence, the Birdfy Pole Station's outstanding features and meticulous design make it the ultimate preference for bird lovers.

Birdfy Pole with various bird feeders
User-Friendly Advances: Easy Customization and Installation The Birdfy Pole Station features 8 sturdy and adjustable hooks, allowing users to hang feeders, birdhouses, flower pots, or decorations on this heavy-duty station. In particular, each hook can bear up to 20 lbs, ensuring strong weight-bearing capability. Remarkably, the two crossbars on the pole are designed to rotate 360 degrees, enabling users to freely adjust them to accommodate hanging items of various sizes, heights, and shapes in different scenarios.

The Birdfy team prioritized user-friendliness in mind, thus ensuring the product's durability and robustness won't translate to a bulky or overly heavy pole that's challenging to install. The product comes with segmented components in the package. Users can easily install the whole pole with simple hand-tightened screws, saving them the hassle of using additional tools and ensuring a fast assembly process.

Birdfy also ensures ease of inserting the Birdfy Pole Station into the ground. The threaded auger can be easily inserted into the ground. Users can hold the versatile twist rod to drive the auger into the ground for a smooth installation. It is recommended to install the pole at a depth of 17 to 18 inches for maximum stability and wind resistance.

Black birdfy pole at home
Protective Design: Squirrel-Proof and Weather-Adaptive Solution
An additional remarkable feature of the Birdfy Pole is its highly effective squirrel-proof design. The Birdfy Pole Station incorporates a patented stopper baffle with a cone-shaped and slippery surface, designed to prevent squirrels and other unwanted animals from climbing the pole and stealing bird food.

Meticulously crafted with attention to every intricate detail, the Birdfy Pole is made from premium iron and eco-friendly metal spray paint, ensuring no harm to nature and our feathered friends. It also utilizes rust-prevention materials, combined with the IP65 waterproof camera, to guarantee the product's resilience in various weather conditions.

All of these design elements make the Birdfy Pole Station a more reliable and damage-resistant product, ensuring a long product life and providing users with a convenient and dependable experience in creating their own backyard oasis.

High-Resolution Camera: Capturing Every Precious Moment in Your Oasis
Netvue, the parent company of Birdfy, has a well-established reputation for its camera technology. Building upon this expertise, the Birdfy Pole Station incorporates a camera that serves as a valuable addition to enhance the user's bird-watching experience. The 1080P Full HD camera captures every detail. It comes with a versatile bracket for flexible installation options. The 5dBi antenna ensures a strong internet connection and uninterrupted birdwatching on your phone.

Birdfy also provides free cloud storage, securely storing the user's photos and videos on the cloud for 30 days at no additional cost. Users can, of course, choose to extend the cloud storage capacity and duration through various subscription plans.

Understanding the diverse needs of our customers, Birdfy offers a more cost-effective option - the Birdfy Pole. This version excludes the camera, serving solely as a hanging pole for your convenience.

In summary, the Birdfy Pole Station ensures convenience and accessibility for everyone. It's not just a bird feeder stand; it's the gateway for bird lovers to create their very own bird-watching oasis. Now, both of these exciting solutions, the Birdfy Pole Station and the Birdfy Pole, are ready for orders and will commence shipping in mid-November. 
November 16, 2023 — Estelle Yang


Mary Lou Marion said:

Set up the Birdfy pole and attached the bird feeder last weekend. It is well made and nice looking. But I was hoping the design would eliminate my problem with squirrels…. unfortunately it just doesn’t work as advertised. Anyone have any suggestions or can provide longer poles.

Very disappointed

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