Birdfy, a leading name in the smart bird feeder camera market, is committed to leveraging its technological advancements and product innovations to support bird conservation. The company aims to inspire a greater appreciation for nature among the public. Recognizing the importance of education in shaping future generations, Birdfy acknowledges its responsibility as a key player in the industry to actively partner with a variety of educational institutions—from kindergartens and primary schools to universities—to bolster bird-related education and research. Notably, an esteemed educational partner, Erica from Taylors Elementary School, has agreed to be interviewed by the Birdfy Team. This partnership highlights the significance of bird conservation in education for the next generation and shares valuable insights on the integration of smart bird feeders into educational programs.

Bringing Nature to the Classroom: Innovative Approach to Bird-Watching at Taylors Elementary

Erica is a media specialist at Taylors Elementary, working closely with children to help them develop interests and hobbies, including an appreciation for nature and wildlife conservation. Growing up with a family passionate about birdwatching and gardening, she has creatively combined these interests to engage students in bird-related studies.

Erica developed the idea of creating an observation area at Taylors Elementary to give students the opportunity to connect with nature outside the classroom. The idea was inspired after she saw the success of's camera feeds, which bring the wonder of nature from the 'outside' into the 'inside' of the classroom. Erica realized this idea and transformed it into a little wild garden, adorned with a solar-powered fountain, bird bath, and more.

One day, Erica stumbled upon the Birdfy feeder online and, fortunately, secured sponsorship through a Donors Choose project, marking the beginning of her relationship with Birdfy. "Thanks to the Birdfy feeder, the kids are excited to see 'our' birds as they come to our library garden," Erica stated. The Birdfy feeder has succeeded in attracting wild birds to the garden, sparking the students' interest in observing and learning about birds.

Birdfy Extends Connection with Taylors Elementary

Birdfy Feeder is renowned for its camera technology that brings birds closer to people in a revolutionary way. It allows individuals not only to feed birds but also to observe them closely from a first-person perspective. With its motion detection feature, Birdfy sends notifications to users when it detects a bird visitor and identifies the species, enhancing the learning experience about the visiting birds. This offers significant educational value to younger generations.

Following the installation of the Birdfy Feeder in the observation area at Taylors Elementary, Erica has been actively posting regular updates of what's captured by the Birdfy feeder on social media. This caught the attention of the Birdfy team, who then contacted her to establish a connection and explore opportunities to contribute further to the education programs. The Birdfy Team showcased their shared vision of assisting future generations to develop hobbies and contribute to wildlife and nature conservation.

Subsequently, the team donated one of their latest innovations, the Birdfy Feeder Bamboo, to the school to support Taylors Elementary's education programs. With both the Birdfy Feeder and the Birdfy Feeder Bamboo, Erica has been able to share videos from the feeders with the students in class and with their community via the library's Instagram page, resulting in positive interactions. Now, more plans are underway to stream these cameras online to further enrich their educational offerings.

Transforming Perspectives: Students' Growing Engagement with Nature through Birdwatching with Birdfy

After facilitating bird-related learning with Birdfy products, Erica observed significant changes in her students' attitudes towards nature and wildlife conservation. The students began to eagerly share their bird sightings and express a keen interest in learning more about birds, gardens, and pollinators. Discussions on sustainability and ecological responsibility became commonplace, with students brainstorming innovative solutions to environmental issues and showing a burgeoning enthusiasm for nature. For instance, one student's excitement at identifying a sparrow underscored their deepening connection to and appreciation for the environment.

Erica also mentioned the Great Backyard Bird Count event that took place last week, for which she created an observation guide for her students. While they initially observed a variety of birds from a distance through windows, the Birdfy feeder enabled them to watch the birds up close via the Birdfy App. "One of the boys came up and asked me for an extra sheet for his grandmother because he wanted to watch birds with her over the weekend. That just melted my heart because it showed that our efforts were meaningful and were fostering connections beyond the classroom as well," Erica shared. This memorable moment underscored the benefits of extending learning beyond the classroom, strengthening familial bonds, and contributing to personal growth. This, in turn, is invaluable for their learning and future career development, infusing their experiences with a deeply human touch.

Future Trends in Education

Birdfy's technology is revolutionizing educational possibilities. Erica attests that Birdfy's smart camera technology and bird recognition capabilities significantly enhance student learning. These tools not only allow students to observe birds in high resolution but also facilitate instant species identification through AI technology. This melding of technology with natural curiosity is transforming students' perceptions of and interactions with nature.

Birdfy's product is transforming traditional nature and conservation education, making the outdoors far more accessible and engaging. In contrast to previous generations, who primarily observed birds from afar, often finding this passive form of engagement less appealing, Birdfy introduces an interactive and enjoyable dimension to bird-watching. This innovation attracts even young children, turning bird observation into an engaging activity. Birdfy's method merges education with entertainment, cultivating a profound appreciation for wildlife and enhancing students' connection to the natural environment. This approach not only educates but also entertains, ensuring a deeper bond with nature for future generations.

Erica also emphasizes the importance of sustainability, noting features like solar-powered fountains and Birdfy products' solar panel support. These elements prompt students, even those in their first year, to critically consider technology's role and future possibilities. Such engagement demonstrates the extensive benefits of integrating tools like Birdfy into educational settings, enhancing students' curiosity, understanding of technology and nature, and awareness of environmental protection and sustainability. Moreover, this approach significantly boosts student engagement with local ecosystems, creating memorable experiences and potentially inspiring future conservation efforts.

When asked for her advice to educators thinking about integrating technology and bird-watching into their curricula, Erica is optimistic. She remarked, "The reality of them being "our birds" has made the kids so much more invested in the ecosystem around our school and that is going to stick with them as one of those core memories that they talk about when they're older. And, if we're lucky, it'll be what sparks them to make a difference in the world when they are grown. "

Birdfy is committed to providing more possibilities through partnerships with local schools, with now more than ten schools and research programmes getting involved, using technology and bird-watching to shape the future generation's perspective on nature and bird conservation. If you are interested in learning more or discovering possibilities with Birdfy, contact for more information.

March 03, 2024 — Estelle Yang

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