How to Dissemble and Clean Your Birdfy Feeder Bamboo


It's super easy to disassemble your Birdfy Feeder Bamboo. The first thing you'll need to do is to unscrew the extension perch from the feeder.

unscrew extension perch
remove extension perch


Then it's time to open the camera compartment and take the camera out.
open the lid
open the camera compartment
take out the camera


Now let's remove the acrylic panels from both sides, push up the metal mesh from the bottom of the feeder, and pull it out.

remove the acrylic panels
push up the metal mesh


To clean out debris and clumped matter, we'll need to use water and a cleaning tool(e.g. a brush).

clean the bamboo feeder
use a cleaning brush


After carefully cleaning the Birdfy Feeder Bamboo, it's really important to dry the feeder thoroughly.

dry the bamboo feeder


Finally, it's time for you to reassemble the feeder and replace the components.

replace tyhe components

How to Maintain Your Birdfy Feeder Bamboo

To extend the lifespan of the bamboo housing of your Birdfy Feeder Bamboo while reducing the occurrence of mold or peeled varnish, it is recommended to apply a suitable sealer to the bamboo surface before use. While different brands may have specific instructions for their polishes, here is a general guide to follow:
  1. Preparation: Ensure that the surface of the bamboo board is clean, dry, and properly sanded. Sanding helps open up the pores for better sealer absorption.
  2. Thoroughly mix: Before application, stir the sealer in the container thoroughly to ensure a consistent and well-mixed solution.
  3. Application: Use a clean, natural-bristle brush or a brush with long bristles to apply the sealer evenly onto the bamboo surface. Avoid applying excessive amounts and strive for a uniform coating.
  4. Remove excess sealer: Allow sufficient time for the sealer to penetrate the bamboo. Once absorbed, gently wipe off any surplus sealer from the surface using a clean, dry cloth.
  5. Drying: Allow ample time for the sealer to dry completely. The drying duration may vary depending on the product and weather conditions, typically ranging from several hours to a day.
  6. Repeat coating: If necessary, apply additional layers of sealer to further enhance the protective effect.
October 23, 2023 — Yin Liang