Embracing a Wider Audience with Birdfy Live

Aiming to address user challenges in reaching broader audiences and enhancing the birdwatching experience, we are excited to announce the upcoming launch of Birdfy Live! This innovative broadcasting service transforms how Birdfy users connect with fellow bird enthusiasts globally, offering a live window into the vibrant world of birds.

Birdfy Live is a program that not only allows Birdfy users to live stream the activities of birds on their feeders to a larger online community but also captures every moment and connects with fellow bird enthusiasts as you share the vibrant feathered visitors to your feeder. To be specific, with Birdfy Live, users will enjoy a 24/7 real-time live stream of bird activity, a high-quality 1080P birdwatching experience, and interaction and connection with a global audience.


Versatility and Multiple Potential of Birdfy Live

Birdfy Live serves as a versatile tool in the realm of expanding birdwatching experiences. It will empower individual users to broadcast the allure of their gardens to a worldwide audience, and foster connections among bird enthusiasts. Social media influencers can leverage this to transform their backyards into engaging live streams, captivating large online groups. Additionally, Birdfy Live enriches educational settings by introducing live bird feeds in schools, enhancing students' understanding of nature. For bird festivals and nature parks, live streaming through Birdfy elevates visitor engagement, drawing more attention to these events and locations.

Welcome to Birdfy Live's Streaming Adventure!

Dive into the exciting world of live streaming with Birdfy Live! We are currently seeking enthusiastic testers for this groundbreaking service. Participants will receive a free outdoor camera and a week-long streaming trial on YouTube, offering a unique opportunity to broadcast your birdwatching experiences to a worldwide audience. This is your chance to connect with fellow bird enthusiasts globally and showcase the beauty of nature from your perspective, and invite viewers into the captivating world of avian life right from your backyard! Seize this chance to become a part of a community reshaping the way we interact with nature!

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Three Simple Steps to Start Streaming Marvels

Becoming a tester is easy. Sign up, get your streaming setup for YouTube, and start your birdwatching journey. Capture the magic of birds, whether from your backyard or remote rainforests and share these moments with the world.
  1. Sign up to become a tester.
  2. Once selected, provide us with your preferred streaming website, and we will arrange the live-streaming setup for you! (currently limited to YouTube during the testing phase)
  3. After receiving your device, begin your streaming adventure!
For more information or to become a tester, contact us at hi@birdfy.com. Join us in this exciting venture and share your birdwatching passion with the world!
December 21, 2023 — Lucy Guo

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