From Steve Elsberry

A story of resilience, love and mama's bright red feathers

Well, here we are. Back again, two Red Birds sitting in a Holly tree. Actually, for right now, there is only one Red Bird in the tree. That would be Mama. She's saving me a place on the limb. You see I'm not back because I haven't left yet. Hey, somebody's got to finish the painting and write the story besides, Stephen Myddelton, my ex-son in law, promised to take me fishing and I wouldn't want to hurt his feelings by leaving before the fishing trip. Anyway, this is how it will be, two Red Birds in a Holly tree watching the world, or what's left of it, go by. The trip here was not always a bed of roses. There were good times and not so good times. We raised two fine children, but sadly we lost one due to an epidemic of German Measles and then toward the end we lost the farm. Mama was strong though, through all the hardships and she put up with a lot, especially me. You see l had this, well, this little bit of a drinking problem.

two cardinals

But, with the help of a friend and when I realized they were making it faster than I could drink it I managed to kick the habit and that's been over forty years now. Some folks may look at us and say that a female Red Bird should be a dull color. Well folks, Mama was a lot of things but dull was not one of them. She made it plain that if she was going to be a Red Bird through eternity, she wanted it to be a brilliant red and if you knew Mama when she made her mind up, that was it, period. This is our story. So if you see a bunch of Red Birds gathered around and one looks to be in charge and is a little brighter red than the others, that would be Mama. I would be one step behind. As always, I had her back. Nobody messes with Mama.

Northern Cardinal
March 27, 2024 — Steve Elsberry

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