Birdfy Moments

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Hong is Birdfy's partner photographer, and also a bird enthusiast. His work captures the close-up details and real-life behaviors of various bird species, bringing their beauty to life. Hong's dedication and keen eye inspire both nature and bird lovers.


Kenny Chu is a contracted photographer focusing on creating original bird pictures for Nikon USA and Getty Images USA, as well as a member of the PSA. His beautiful bird images are annually exhibited in large-scale photography exhibitions in places such as New York and Las Vegas, where they represent Nikon. He has won awards in competitions such as the National Geographic Photo Contest in the USA, including a gold prize in Japan. His works are often collected by major international companies.


Birdfy's partner photographer, StikeHaley, is renowned for his exceptional skill in capturing the essence of nature. With a deep passion for both photography and ornithology, StikeHaley has developed a unique style that combines technical precision with birds enthusiasm.