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Easter Traditions Through Generations

Yes, it’s Easter, one of the biggest religious events of the year and I don’t want to detract from that, but it is also a time for children to think of bunny rabbits, colored eggs and chocolate treats. Did you ever wonder just how rabbits and colored eggs came to be associated with Easter ?

bunny rabbits, colored eggs

Well, it puzzled me. So what do you do if you want to find the answer to something? You go to Google! I did and the answer, It showed an article in Good Housekeeping magazine on this very subject which is too long for me to include it in this story, but you can go to the magazine and see for yourself. We have kept the tradition of bunny rabbits and colored eggs in our family from the very beginning to the present and beyond, which is over sixty years. My daughter ,who is a grown woman with two grown children, would not let an Easter go by without dying eggs , decorating the house with bunny rabbits and having an egg hunt even if the only participants were me, Gerry and the dog.


Since we are all on the long side of senior citizens we have a tendency to forget just where we hid all of the eggs and this is where the dog comes into play. Of course when the dog finds an egg, that egg is out of play for good. But it is what we do and it’s fun and we can reminisce about all the times we did this when the children were young and how they enjoyed the whole bit, from dying the eggs to the hiding and hunting them. Now sometimes we hide them so good even the dog can’t find them and it’s later on in the year when I am mowing the grass I will happen to run across one tucked away under a leaf , I think , yeah I remember putting that egg there. I believe our grandchildren will continue on with the tradition because they enjoyed the time together as much as we did. And that’s what it’s all about, family togetherness.

colored eggs
March 29, 2024 — Steve Elsberry
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