The 2024 CES came to a close on January 12th, marking a significant milestone for Birdfy. With its booth exuding a natural, 'hidden paradise' ambiance, Birdfy stood out among numerous exhibitors, drawing the attention of numerous media outlets, influencers and industry attendees. Its novel approach to bird watching introduced the concept to a broader audience.

A Hidden Paradise in the Tech World at CES

When attendees strolled through the CES exhibition hall, surrounded by a myriad of tech-savvy brand displays, a surprising oasis awaited them—A beautiful backyard filled with lush trees and bird feeders, decorated by lifelike birds with their engaging calls and tranquil music. But upon closer inspection, this was not just any bird-watching spot. These bird feeders featured smart cameras capable of capturing moments when birds approach, then sending notifications and identifying bird species for users.

The Birdfy team displayed two screens to showcase bird videos captured by Birdfy's products, attracting numerous visitors to stop by. Visitors couldn't help but smile as they immersed themselves in Birdfy's unique exhibit. 'This is a real standout booth! I've never felt such peace and emotion in any other exhibit,' said one visitor, reflecting the sentiments of many. This was Birdfy's innovative contribution to CES – a smart bird-watching paradise that seamlessly integrated smart technology with traditional bird feeding practices, offering a novel bird-watching experience like no other.

Birdfy at CES

From the back side of the booth, the Birdfy team also created a photo wall featuring adorable bird moments captured by Birdfy products. This wall drew visitors to the booth, where they were welcomed to mingle in the 'backyard' area, setting aside the stresses of life and work to immerse themselves in the beauty of smart bird-watching. With the special setting, Birdfy's booth received unanimous acclaim from both individual visitors and media groups.

Birdfy at CES

CES 2024 and Birdfy: Showcasing the Integration of AI in Daily Life

The 2024 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) demonstrated an emerging technological trend – the widespread integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into our daily lives. Birdfy's presence at CES has undeniably expanded the boundaries of the traditional bird-watching industry and pet gadgets.

Birdfy goes beyond just engaging with animals inside the home; its high-tech bird feeder represents a significant leap in understanding and connecting with wildlife outside our homes. The product amazed many visitors and media representatives, not only for its convenience in facilitating close-up bird watching, but also for its artificial intelligence bird identification function.

Birdfy's smart feeders, capable of identifying over 6000 bird species, turn simple birdwatching into an interactive and educational journey. This innovative feature was considered as a "wow" factor for many media personnel and industry attendees. Numerous attendees expressed difficulties in identifying various bird species with traditional bird feeders. Birdfy's AI-driven technology presents a remarkable solution to common birdwatching challenges, while making birdwatching a more engaging and enriching experience.

birdfy at CES

Birdfy Showcased Full Product Line at CES: Merging Technology with Nature

At CES 2024, Birdfy presented a fascinating array of products, highlighting their commitment to innovative bird-watching experiences. The exhibit featured the best-selling Birdfy Feeder alongside two eco-friendly options: the Birdfy Feeder Bamboo and the Birdfy Nest. Crafted from FSC-certified bamboo, these products offer an environmentally conscious choice not only for observing bird feeding, hatching, and nesting processes but also for those who prefer a nature-inspired design to enhance their backyard.

The newly launched Birdfy Hum Feeder, equipped with dual cameras and AI identification technology, became a center of attention. This hummingbird-specific feeder offers unprecedented close-up views and interactions with these mesmerizing creatures, capturing the best moments with precision and clarity. Since hummingbirds' colors can change as they move, the dual-camera setup on the feeder captures both front and side angles, making sure the full beauty of their dynamic feather changes is caught.

On the final day of CES, the Birdfy Team hosted a special Lucky Draw event, presenting attendees with the opportunity to win exciting prizes such as tote bags, hats, T-shirts and stickers. These items are part of Birdfy's new product line for the year, known as Birdfy Merch. This expansion aims to deepen users' connection to the brand through charmingly designed merchandise featuring Birdfy's brand elements. Consequently, this giveaway event was a resounding success, captivating the crowd and leaving a lasting impression.

Birdfy at CES

Birdfy Expands Impact Beyond Birdwatching

The Birdfy booth was a hub of excitement, attracting visitors, influencers, and media personnel. The array of products on display ignited a buzz of activity, with live video interviews and extensive social media sharing, all spotlighting Birdfy's groundbreaking approach to birding technology.

The variety and innovation of Birdfy's products resonated with a wide spectrum of attendees from different industries and professions. Notably, the booth attracted the attention of ornithologists, educational institutions, and elderly care organizations. These groups were not only fascinated by the products but also recognized the significant potential of Birdfy's offerings in their respective fields. The discussions at the booth often revolved around the application of these innovative solutions in bird research and ecological conservation, highlighting the impact Birdfy could have in these crucial areas.

Allen Chen, CEO of Birdfy, expressed his pride in the company's achievements at CES. "It is our honor to witness such remarkable success at CES, especially considering this is our first year participating. Our aim is to introduce smart birding and emphasize the importance of caring for nature and our wild friends. Birdfy is set on bringing technology and nature together, enabling people to enjoy the joy of being closer to nature. We are committed to bringing more wonders in the near future."

Birdfy's success at CES 2024 represents a significant milestone in their journey. The company pledges to bring more possibilities for birdwatching, using technology to enrich hobbies and lives with a deeper appreciation for the natural world.

Birdfy at CES

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January 23, 2024 — Lucy Guo

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