If you ask someone who owns a bird feeder, “What’s the biggest trouble ?” The answer will definitely be SQUIRRELS, which might eat all of the bird food and even cause huge damage to your bird feeder. So how to keep squirrels away? What's interesting is that recently a weird solution called hot pepper birdseed emerged out of the surface.


Hot pepper birdseed
 is a specially formulated product designed to deter squirrels and other mammals from consuming birdseed while still providing an attractive and nutritious food source for birds.

But the question is:
Does it really work ?

Hot pepper birdseed can indeed keep squirrels away from your bird feeder. This is a special bird food that is mixed with something incredibly spicy, usually made of things like hot habanero chili pepper and cayenne pepper.

Hot pepper birdseed
But still, how can this special bird food provide your bird feeder with a squirrel-proof function? The special thing that causes the “HEAT” feeling in the mouth is a compound called capsaicin. Capsaicin's strong taste and irritating effects make it an unappealing food source for mammals, who are quickly discouraged from attempting to consume the bird seed.

Surprisingly, birds won’t be affected by the spicy taste , they don't have much of a sense of taste or smell, making them immune. As a result, this allows birds to feed undisturbed and prevents the depletion of seed supplies by unwanted visitors.
bird seed
Moreover, is it really safe for birds and children?

Most organizations were very concerned when this product first appeared in the market, and think it was totally safe for birds. But still, some organizations and individuals worry about undetectable ways that might harm the health of birds. So the safety of this product still can not be completely insured.

Also, Capsaicin can cause skin, eye, and respiratory irritation in humans. Proper handling, such as using gloves and avoiding contact with eyes, is essential when refilling bird feeders with hot pepper birdseed. And it’s not advisable to use this product if there are children in the house.
Can the effect of the product last long?

The answer is a little disappointing : while hot pepper birdseed is effective against most mammals, certain species may develop a tolerance to capsaicin over time, reducing its deterrent effect.

Generally speaking, hot pepper birdseed can only be used conditionally.
Squirrel proof is still a great difficulty for bird feeder. Maybe solving this problem in a more physical way is a better idea.

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January 04, 2024 — Support Customer


Mary said:

Please try Coles Hot Squirrels Sauce, it really works, I apply it too all my bird seeds, mix together your birds seed and hot squirrels sauce in a bowl, I don’t put out lots of seeds only some down into the tray, squirrels don’t like the taste and smell, it keeps them away

Vicki said:

I am so excited about my feeder, but in 2 weeks, we’ve had 2 birds and thousands of squirrels. Within minutes, they were eating the hot pepper seed with both hands, also undeterred by the massive amount of anti-squirrel spray. We’ve installed metal spiky baffles wrapped around the tree and plastic spiky strips. The squirrels have shredded some of the wood on the feeder itself. I would love any suggestions!

Susan Karks said:

I make my own using vegetable oil and ground red pepper, and it works like a charm! The squirrels have totally abandoned their efforts to get to my feeders!

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