Choose the right food, the more birds will visit our backyard. Choosing bird food is a kind of not easy thing. During summer, many birds will eat fruit and insects in addition to popular seeds, and offering a wider selection in your Birdfy will attract more birds.

The best food in summer:☀️ 

1. Seeds
Seeds are fit for all kinds of birds in summer. But black oil sunflower seeds are the most popular choice for all kinds of birds. Nyjer will also appeal to finches, while mixed seeds cater to different birds.
2. Fruit
Many different birds have at least a partial fruit-eating diet and will eat fruit regularly. Apple, orange, and blueberry are popular.
3. Jelly/Jam
Many types of jelly/jam are ideal for birds, but the most preferred flavor for backyard birds is black grape jelly/jam. Small jelly is the best to make sure it doesn't rot or mold in the summer heat.
4. Peanuts
Shelled or whole peanuts are popular with jays, chickadees, titmice, and nuthatches, and small pieces can also be added to the seed mix. However, attention flavored or coated nuts are not safe for backyard birds.
5. Mealworm
Live mealworms or sun-dried mealworms both are fine. Although birds prefer live mealworms, they are not picky about sun-dried mealworms. For those of us who prepare it, sun-dried mealworms are more convenient.
6. Suet
They are a great source of energy when caring for hungry nestlings during the busy summer months. A non-melting suet mix will attract tits and birds.
February 26, 2024 — Support Customer

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